Band Biography


Well, I guess it all started back in '72. Oh wait, none of us were alive then. Still, that didn't stop us from wanting to form a group that would set the world on fire. Literally - we're all pyros.

Why? Well, I'll tell ya - it's cause trees are monsterous creatures just waiting to eat us all. Don't tell me you aren't frightened of trees. Your time will come. And when you do kick the bucket, those trees will be waiting for your body to properly decompose so they can start feasting on all the gooey juices, and essential minerals that used to be your bones and flesh. Don't let anybody tell you different.

I won't go into the International Vegetarian Conspiracy, which is preparing the way for the Tree Gods of Signus VI. Nay, my purpose here is to tell you about a band. Yes, a band of an indeterminate number of individuals who play music, music that will set the trees on fire and make them quiver in pain, and like it.

This music we play, well, it's a call to arms of sorts. It signals the fall of the dark trees and the rise of the new, happy trees who dance and sing and only eat oat bran and malt beverages. We love the non-flesh eating plants, such as tulips, roses and cannabis.

Join us on our mighty crusade to rid the world of the foul flesh-eating trees who would enslave us all to their precious shade. To learn more about us, click on the pictures below to read a short biography of each of the main members of Trees Eat People (there are many more). And click on the Music link to hear our hymns of doom.