Still getting shit together. Don't even ask. Okay, it's fine, we're getting some songs together, but we need some dedicated people. I'm just getting this site it's own subdomain. That way it will be cooler....or something.



Whoa, long time no update. Well, that's 'cause we're still trying to get the band off the ground and cohesive. Taking longer than expected, hopefully we'll get a practice space soon. We are still recording, although we know that whatever the band finally becomes, it will be named something other than Trees Eat People. I'd apologize to all the people who like that name, but nobody does. Help us think up a good name by sending your good ideas to us through the galactic consciousness. Hurry up. Hahaha, okay, anyway, we're doing pretty well for a band without a name. When we finally pull it together we'll have some pretty impressive shit ready for ya. Keep tight and if you're loaded, please send us cash. We need a practice space.



Well, there isn't too much news to report just yet since I'm still in the process of making the site. I'll let you know when I've got something to report. But right now this is the only page in operation besides the opening splash page. Word.

Okay, I've made more progress since I last wrote. It's still the same day. I've been working on this site for the last 4 hours or so, and I'm starting to get a bit burnt out. However, I did manage to get the whole Bio section up and running, albeit with fictious data. But hey, what do you expect?! Also, the Music page is up and running, too. Well, it's not on the damn server yet, but it's ready to go. I think I'll do the Tour page next since we don't be touring anytime soon. Should be easy.

Okay there. I think I'm done. I kind of slacked on the Pix page, but really, we don't have that many relevent images just yet. Soon, I'm sure we will. In the mean time, everybody gonna have to chill. The collage has damn near everything.

I'm pretty pleased with the site. I took it from conception to ready-to-go-live in about 24 hours. I'll be uploading it in an hour or so. Tell me what you think at